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Amazing things can happen when you tap into the power of your originality.

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Don't fit in - stand out, Origineurs podcast episode, hosted by Loretta Milan

Don’t fit in, stand out!

The pressure to conform is immense. But, when you have the courage to stop fitting in and start standing out, you have the greatest opportunity to succeed. We share six ideas to do this in your original way.

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How to be truly heard, Origineurs podcast episode, hosted by Loretta Milan

How to be truly heard

Your voice matters but do you ever feel invisible or that you’re just not getting through to people? We share some great tips for getting people to care about what you say so you can be truly heard.

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noun: Great people who makes great things happen, their way.
Loretta Milan

Hi there, origineur!

I'm Loretta Milan, communication expert and founder of Origineurs. For over 20 years, I've been helping people stand out and succeed, from leaders of big brands, to entrepreneurs and change makers. I’m passionate about giving great ideas and great people a great voice. It's more important than ever that Origineurs with big ambitions for a bright future, get noticed and can make an impact. You make the future!

Loretta Milan
Founder, Origineurs