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Welcome to the Origineurs podcast

The Origineurs podcast hosted by Loretta Milan - unleash your originality

The Origineurs podcast inspires you to tap into the power of your originality to make amazing things happen because you make the future!

Your blend of experiences, skills, personality, values, passion and ideas gives you unique potential. You are original and no one can do things quite the way you can.

Join us every Tuesday throughout each season to discover the secrets to unleashing your originality, standing out and succeeding whether you have a personal ambition or are on a mission to make the world brighter. 

Get ready for expert tips, original thinking and inspiration from incredible origineurs.

Latest episodes...

Turning tragedy into light, Origineurs podcast interview with Sharon Luca-Chatha from the Luca Foundation, hosted by Loretta Milan

Turning tragedy into light

Sharon Luca-Chatha shares her powerful story about how the loss of her baby led her to set up the award-winning Luca Foundation and make an incredible difference to grieving families.

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What is an Origineur?

What is an Origineur?

Discover how Origineurs are tapping into the power of their originality to do amazing things and how you can do the same, where it’s to achieve a personal ambition of you’re on a mission make the world brighter.

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You are original, Origineurs podcast episode hosted by communication expert, Loretta Milan

You are original

In a world of billions, no two people are exactly alike, yet so often, we find ourselves trying to fit into moulds that don’t suit us. It’s time to embrace your originality. It’s your superpower.

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Dream big, achieve more, Origineurs podcast episode hosted by communication expert, Loretta Milan

Dream big, achieve more

We’re talking about the eight ways we limit our own potential and how to break through those barriers. This is all about dreaming bigger, pushing past fear, and embracing our unique paths to success.

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Your host

Loretta Milan is a communication expert and founder of Origineurs. For over 20 years she has been helping people stand out and succeed, from leaders of big brands, to entrepreneurs and change makers.

She’s passionate about giving great ideas and great people a great voice.

It’s more important than ever that Origineurs with big ambitions for a bright future, get noticed and can make an impact. 

You make the future!

Loretta Milan