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Turning tragedy into light, Origineurs podcast interview with Sharon Luca-Chatha from the Luca Foundation, hosted by Loretta Milan

Turning tragedy into light

A moving conversation with Sharon Luca-Chatha about the special promise she made.

For any new parent, the months and weeks that tick down to a baby’s arrival are filled with excitement and anticipation.

When will they arrive? Will they be early? Late? Or on time? What will they look like? And, how will it feel to hold them in your arms that very first time? Sadly not every parent gets that opportunity.

Sharon Luca-Chatha shares her powerful story about how the loss of her baby led her to set up the award-winning Luca Foundation and make an incredible difference to grieving families. 

TW: This podcast includes a conversation about baby loss.

Sharon Luca-Chatha from the Luca Foundation in conversation on the Origineurs podcast

Moments from this episode.

  • (02:46) Precious time with baby Luca 
  • (06:55) Discovering something that could help others
  • (09:01) A special promise 
  • (10:56) The birth of the Luca Foundation 
  • (17:34) Entrepreneurial flair creates even more light 
  • (26:00) Easing the way for future generations
  • (29:12) The impact is growing at every level 
  • (31:38) An amazing award and the vision for the future 
  • (33:56) How you can support families in need

Ways you can support.

If you’ve been touched by Sharon’s inspiring story, there are three ways to support her work to help families in need. 

  1. Find out more about the charity on the Luca Foundation website and make a donation or buy a grief hamper so you can support someone you know directly through baby loss.
  2. Check out LK Eco Style where you’ll find the Angel Warrior range as well as additional organic clothing ranges that support a host of other charities.
  3. Follow the Luca Foundation on Instagram and share a post to help spread the word about difference the charity makes. 
If you’ve been affected by baby loss, Sharon also recommends visiting the Sands website. There are support groups across the UK.

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