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You are original, Origineurs podcast episode hosted by communication expert, Loretta Milan

You are original

There is only one you.

There are billions of people in the world and not one is the same.

This means that you are born an original and there can be no one exactly like you not even if you are a twin, triplet or quad.

Yet, we can find ourselves forcing ourselves into systems, averages and mentalities that are not made for us, which can stop us reaching our full potential and achieving the ambitions we truly hold for ourselves.

And, sadly, some people are told that the things that make them original – or different – should be toned down, trained out, or make them worth less, and that’s simply not true. Your originality is what makes you who you are. And, you are great.

Today, we’re showing you why it’s so important to embrace your originality and how to use it as your superpower in every area of your life.

You are original.

Originality is not something that is reserved only for an elite few.

It’s not only for those with exceptional high IQs, those incredible academic achievers you remember from your school days, those with billions to spend on inventions, those with some sort of special access or and ability that you don’t have.

We are all originals. You. Me. And everyone around us. We all matter and we all have a special contribution to make to the world.

But, let’s start with you.

You’ve accumulated lots of original stardust to date.

You were born with a unique personality and values that you’ve developed as you’ve grown. You’ve picked up a unique set of skills, experiences, stories, ideas and wisdoms that are yours too.

In fact, with every day, month and year that passes, you become more original.

You are accumulating more knowledge with your original perspectives; developing more skills and applying them in your original way; picking up more stories with your original take, and so on. It’s the way you filter and transform what’s happening in your world that generates more and more originality.

That’s why continual growth is so important.

When society stifles originality.

There’s a lot going on in society that can get in the way of that process and can stifle your originality or make you think it’s a bad thing.

One of those things is the extent we are compared to both others and averages. It happens even from the moment we’re born.

I remember the midwife’s surprise upon measuring my son twenty years ago.

“He’s a long chap,” she said before telling me that he was on the 99th percentile. Basically, he was set to be tall. While I was still in hospital, another lady had a baby that was over thirteen pounds and I remember we had a few curious visitors popping their heads in to see both the big baby and the long one that had been delivered.

Clearly, midwives measure babies for health reasons. They want to make sure little ones are growing as they should so steps can be taken if something is off course.

Healthy, objective measures are useful. The problem is, when people misuse measures or comparison for the purposes of squashing, conforming, controlling or bullying.

There are those who think we need to ‘fit in’, ‘be normal’ and conform to expectations to succeed. And there are those who are constantly measuring, comparing and judging us, who think that there is something bad in the things that make us different.

For that reason, there are too many people who dull down their originality in the mistaken belief that their differences could cause them problems.

They hide their strengths as well as weaknesses and vulnerabilities because they think it is wrong to have them.

They may worry people will think they’re worth less or will criticise or like them less. They fear being disliked because we’re taught that popularity is an important measure of normality and success. When, in reality, being authentic, making meaningful connections and being respected by those who matter to us counts far more.

Do you ever dull your originality?

  • Do you ever hide or mask parts of yourself, your story or your life that make you who you are, or have given you the wisdom that you have today?
  • Do you change parts of your personality to fit in with others or meet their expectations or be what they think is more normal?
  • Do you dampen your genius – which is to tone down your achievements or downplay the things that are great about you to avoid standing out or outshining anyone else?
  • Do you ever hold yourself back from doing the things you truly want to do for fear of what others will think?
  • Do you have a feeling that – when you’re with other people – you can’t be completely yourself or something doesn’t feel quite right?

If you answered yes to any of these things – of found yourself hesitating – it’s time to reclaim your originality! 

Embracing the gift of your originality.

Your first step is to accept yourself as an original.

And to do so wholeheartedly.

You are ORIGINAL – how great is that!

There is only one you in the whole world which means you are here for a reason.

Every piece of you – even your weaknesses – makes you who you are. That’s not to say we can’t work on these things, because we can all grow. But being an original human is natural. However, if you have any anger or hurt coming up at any element of yourself, I would encourage you to work with a therapist to address these feelings.

Because, once you can accept and embrace your originality and use this as a platform for your growth, this is where the most exciting chapter of your life can begin.

Because, your originality is your superpower. It’s what makes you unique and – all the elements that make you you – when combined – give you your greatest opportunity to stand out and succeed.

And, there’s another level…Inbuilt into your original makeup are your unique passions, values and ideas. What are things you want to do and make happen in your lifetime?

These things are your original potential.

The moment you start transforming your passions and ideas into action, you become an Origineur and that is something extraordinary.

Origineurs use their originality to make a positive impact. They’re the ones who have made history, they’re the ones who make a difference today, and they’re the ones who will make our future – in both big and small ways. It’s not size that matters. Every Origineur’s contribution counts.

So, enjoy being an original, make the most of it and answer this…

What will you do with the gift of your originality?

Key takeaways

  1. You are an original. You have a unique blend of personality, values, skills, experiences, stories, ideas and wisdoms that are yours. You become more original as you get older as you gather more original ingredients.
  2. Too many people dull down their originality in the mistaken belief that their differences could cause them problems. They hide, mask and dampen elements of themselves to fit in, conform and meet expectations.
  3. The first step to changing this is accepting yourself wholeheartedly as an original. There is only one you and you are here for a reason. Then, when you’re ready, you can decide what you will do with the gift of your originality. When you use this gift to make a positive impact – no matter how big or small – you become an Origineur.

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