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The Origineurs podcast library

Origineurs podcast, Loretta Milan

The Origineurs podcast inspires you to use your unique blend of skills, experiences, personality, values, passion and ideas to make amazing things happen, and shout about it! Your originality gives you the potential to stand out and make a big impact. Through being noticed, and being visible for who they are, Origineurs become a powerful influence. It’s this influence that’s key to their success.

Your host every week is Loretta Milan – a seasoned communication expert with over 20 years’ experience helping great people stand out and succeed, from leaders of big brands, to entrepreneurs and change makers. Enjoy new episodes every Tuesday.

When you are an Origineur, your voice makes the future!

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Origineurs podcast, Loretta Milan, Stop comparing succeed your way podcast episode

Stop comparing, succeed your way

This habit of comparing ourselves to others can diminish joy and self-esteem. Learn how to transform comparison into a source of positive inspiration and reclaim your individual power.

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Introverts vs extroverts

Delve into what being an introvert, extrovert or ambivert means for leadership communication and making and impact. Discover how you can stand out and succeed as you.

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Origineurs podcast, Loretta Milan, Are you good enough?, imposter syndrome

Are you good enough?

Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough? Do you feel like an imposter that could be found out any moment? It’s time to change things so you can achieve your full potential and enjoy every minute of your success.

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Increase your influence

Want to increase your influence so you can maximise your impact? Discover the three stages to becoming one of the most trusted people in your field.

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Origineurs podcast, your voice makes the future

Your voice makes the future

Origineurs are driven by their ideas, their passion, and their desire to make things happen. Discover the key to their success and get regular inspiration.

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